Title or short description of the sites’ subject

The Hero module with the coloured edge is used to describe the topic of the site. The colour is the site's theme colour. The hero module is set to the top by default, and cannot be inserted elsewhere. If it is deleted by mistake, contact to have it reactivated.

Title - menu item 1

The title describes the content of the underlying section. The lead may be used to elaborate on the general description. In this example three spot modules of 4 columns each are used.  

SPOT (Tag-like describer)

SPOT (Tag-like describer)

SPOT (Tag-like describer)

Title – menu item 2

The grid used here is set with a grey background. This makes it easy to see which modules belongs a specific section.. 

Here you can have a short description of the image and credit the photographer. 


Title to a wide module in full width

If the picture used is calm the lead can be used. In this instance, the image is not quiet, so here it should be left out. Alternatively, you may use another picture Or you may use a coloured background (theme colour).

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Title - menu item 3


Spot 2

Wide module in two sections

Two wide modules can be placed next to each other in order to separate the content of a full width section. It is recommended that you use one half for a picture and the other for text with a coloured background (theme colour). This ensures the best readability. 

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Title – menu item 4

The spot modules may be used for contact information. A “real” contact module will be added later.