I am Professor at Department of Environmental and Resource EngineeringTechnical University of Denmark and work in the department's Water Systems section.

My main professional interests are related to understanding, engineering and integrated management of urban water with emphasis on stormwater, pollution and flood control, modelling and risk assessment of dynamic systems, and the role of uncertainty in modelling and decision making.

Most of my research and education activities involves transdisciplinary collaboration with scientists from neighbouring disciplines such as hydrology, environmental chemistry and microbiology, process and control engineering, mathematical and stochastic modelling, spatial planning and socio-technical sciences. Industry or authorities are often involved.

I lead DTU's cross-departmental Center for Water Activities, Water DTU.

I have worked internationally as a visiting scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology in Zürich (EAWAG, 1993-94) and at the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2010-11).

Water is also a private interest, although time does not allow much opportunity for sailing these days...


2014-date Head of Water DTU, Center for Water Activities at DTU
2013-date Professor, Urban Water Systems, Technical University of Denmark
2011-13 Deputy Head of Urban Water Engineering Section, Head of Stormwater Management research group, Post-graduate programme coordinator, DTU Environment
Visiting Academic, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne (Sep-Jul)
Associate Professor, Urban Water Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
1995-98 Assistant Professor, Urban Water Supply and Drainage, Technical University of Denmark
1994 Consulting engineer, PH-Consult Aps, Denmark

Guest scientist, EAWAG - Swiss Federal Institute of Environ. Science at Technology (May-Apr)

2013 DTU Leadership Programme
1996 Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
1990 M.Sc., Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

  • Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV), Member (2017-)
  • International Water Association (IWA), Fellow (2015-)
  • IWA/IAHR Joint Comm. on Urban Drainage (JCUD) Mid-Career Achievement Award 2014
  • Colding Award, Best BSc thesis 2014 (supervisor of Thomas G. Rozario)
  • VEOLIA Trophées Performances, Best MSc thesis 2006 (supervisor of Eric Hoa) and 2017 (co-supervisor of Peter Stentoft)


A large part of my research and innovation activities are conducted in collaboration with PhD students, and sometimes MSc and even BSc or BEng students are involved. The activities often involve industry, utility companies or authorities.

I often seek to involve a colleague in the supervision, because this makes it possible to supervise projects that combine different areas of expertise. Student projects are sometime linked to our on-going research activities, and PhD students therefore often contribute to the supervision.

Students are welcome to propose their own ideas.The menu items on this page give lists of student projects that I have supervised over the years within a wide range of topics. Students are welcome to look for inspiration in these lists.

  • Agnethe Nedergaard Pedersen (from Feb 2019): The digital twin of urban drainage systems – dynamic models and measurements for error diagnosis (industrial PhD funded by VCS Denmark and Innovation Fund Denmark). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and  M. Borup (DTU Environment), L.E. Christiansen (DTU Compute) and A. Brink-Kjær (VCS).
  • Ditte Marie Reinholdt Jensen (from Dec 2017): Planning tools for stormwater pollution management (funded by the Sino-Danish UniversityCenter and DTU). Supervisors:  L. Vezzaro and P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU Environment),and Xuyong Li and Yuansong Wei (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences). 
  • Rocco Palmitessa (2021): From soft sensing to anomaly detection in combined sewer systems (funded by DTU). Joint Doctorate Degree between Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Nanyang Technological University, singapure (NTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Borup (DTU Environment), and Adrian Law Wing-Keung (NTU, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering).
  • Jonas Wied Pedersen (2021): Using numerical weather prediction and in-sewer sensor data for real-time monitoring and forecasting in urban drainage-wastewater systems (funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU Env), H. Madsen (DTU Compute) and L. Vezzaro (Krüger).
  • Peter Alexander Stentoft (2020): Stochastic predictive control of wastewater treatment processes (industrial PhD funded by Krüger and Innovation Fund Denmark). Supervisors: J.K. Møller and H. Madsen (DTU Compute), P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU Env), and L. Vezzaro and T. Munk-Nielsen (Krüger).
  • Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund (2019): Exploring data flows and system links in real-time urban drainage modelling in the wake of digitalisation (funded by DTU and DHI). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Borup (DTU Environment), and O. Mark and H. Madsen (DHI).   
  • Sara Lerer (2019): Tools and methods to inform planning and design of nature based stormwater control measures (co-funded by the Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector, and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen.
  • Herle Mo Madsen (2018): Innovation and Implementation Pathways for Urban Climate Change Adaptation (funded by DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Rygaard (DTU Environment) and Maj M. Andersen (DTU Man Engin).
  • Vianney Courdent (2017): Numerical weather prediction and relative economic value framework to improve integrated urban drainage-wastewater management (industrial researcher funded by Krüger and the Danish Research Agency). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, and M. Grum and T. Munk-Nielsen (Krüger).
  • Pedram Ramin (2017): Modelling of illicit drug fate in sewers for wastewater-based epidemiology (funded by the MSCA-ITN SEWPROF, and DTU). Supervisors: B. Plósz and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • Luca Locatelli (2016): Modelling the impact of Water Sensitive Urban Design Technologies on the urban Water cycle (co-funded by the Danish Agency for Research Technology and Innovation, and DTU). Supervisors: P. Binning, P.S. Mikkelsen and K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen (DTU Environment) and O. Mark (DHI).
  • Ane Høyer Mollerup (2015): A methodological approach to designing sewer system control (industrial researcher funded by HOFOR and the Danish Research Agency). Supervisors: G. Sin (DTU Chemical Engineering), N.B. Johansen (HOFOR), D. Thornberg (BIOFOS) and P.S. Mikkelsen. 
  • Hjalte Jomo Danielsen Sørup (2014): Modelling of spatio-temporal precipitation relevant for urban hydrology with focus on scales, extremes and climate change (funded by the Danish Research Agency). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, O.B. Christensen (DMI) and K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen.
  • Roland Löwe (2014): Probabilistic Forecasting for On-line Operation of Urban Drainage Systems (co-funded by the Danish Research Agency, and DTU). Supervisors: H. Madsen (DTU Compute) and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • Morten Borup (2014): Real Time Updating in Distributed Urban Rainfall Runoff Modelling (co-funded by the Danish Research Agency, and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, M. Grum (Krüger A/S) and Henrik Madsen (DHI).
  • Elham Ramin (2014): Modelling of secondary sedimentation under wet-weather and filamentous bulking conditions (co-funded by the Danish Research Agency and DTU). Supervisors: B. Plósz, P.S. Mikkelsen, Lars Yde (DHI, Singapore) and M. Rasmusen (Aalborg University).
  • Chiara Fratini (2014): Integrated Urban Water Management for Sustainable Transition: Innovation of Functions or Innovation of Places? An explorative study on the evolution and innovation of urban water management practices in Denmark (co-funded by Nordvand, the Danish Research Agency, DTU and Aalborg University). Supervisors: M. Elle (Aalborg University, Copenhagen), M.B. Jensen (Copenhagen University, Science) and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • Qianqian Zhou (2012): Urban Drainage Design and Climate Change Adaptation Decision Making (funded by DTU). Supervisors: K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen, P.S. Mikkelsen, S.B. Nielsen (DTU Management) and K. Halsnæs (Risø DTU).
  • Maria Kerstin Roldin (2012): Distributed Models Coupling Soakaways, Urban Drainage and Groundwater (co-funded by the Danish Research Agency, DHI, and DTU). Supervisors: P. Binning, P.S. Mikkelsen and O. Mark (DHI).
  • Heidi Birch (2012): Monitoring of Priority Pollutants in Dynamic Stormwater Discharges from Urban Areas (co-funded by Copenhagen Energy, the Danish Research Agency, and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and H.-C. Holten Lützhøft.
  • Anders Breinholt (2012): Uncertainty in Prediction and Simulation of Flow in Sewer Systems (co-funded by Krüger A/S, the Danish Research Agency, and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, M. Grum (Krüger A/S) and H. Madsen (DTU Informatics).
  • Luca Vezzaro (2011): Source-Flux-Fate Modelling of Priority Pollutants in Stormwater Systems (funded by DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and A. Ledin.
  • Erik Lindblom (2009): Dynamic Modelling of Micropollutants in the Integrated Urban Wastewater System (funded by the EU-RTN WWT&SYSENG and DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Henze.
  • Stefan Ahlman (2006): Modelling of Substance Flows in Urban Drainage Systems. Supervisors: G. Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology) and P.S. Mikkelsen (DTU).
  • Mikkel Boye Hauger (2005): Uncertainty, Risk and Modelling in Urban Drainage (funded by DTU). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and J.J. Linde.
A complete list of the BSc, MSc and BEng thesis projects I have supervised can be found here.

I have supervised the BSc theses of the following students:

  • Phillip Aarestrup and Sebastian Skaarup Lind (2019): Use of 2-week ensemble weather forecasts in urban drainage. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, J.W. Pedersen and L. Vezzaro, in collaboration with Danish Meteorological Institute.
  • Vibe Djurhuus (2019): Evaluation of two stormwater infiltration trenches in central Copenhagen after 24 years of operation. Supervisors: H.J.D. Sørup and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • Frieda Hammershøi Petersen (2018): Modelling of hydrology and stormwater quality in Alpedalen. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, K. Nielsen and D.M.R. Jensen, in collaboration with A. Bonnerup, Hydrosystems.
  • Julie A.O. Petersen and Rose C.K. Rasmussen (2017): Analysis and modelling of infiltration inflow in separate wastewater systems. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Borup, in collaboration with M. Grum, WaterZerv.
  • Rasmus Borg Rabøl and Andreas Sahyoun Sørensen (2016): Evaluation of a water-level software sensor for flow measurements in sewers. Supervisors: L. Vezzaro and P.S. Mikkelsen, in collaboration with C. Jacobsen, Krüger.
  • Freja Jacobsen Eeg and Rosa Marie Mathiasen (2016): Using the Ensemble Kalman filter as data assimilation method for Mike Urban models. Supervisors: M. Borup and P.S. Mikkelsen, in collaboration with DHI.
  • Rasmus Thalund-Hansen (2015):Interpretation of flow measurements in theNæstvedurban drainage system. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and L. Vezzaro, in collaboration with C. Jacobsen, Krüger A/S.
  • Sissel R.L. Gregersen and Emma D. Thomassen (2015):Modelling of LID in SWMM’s surface module. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and S.M. Lerer, in collaboration with AarhusVand.
  • Roemer and Linea Sofie Skov (2015):Evaluation of WSUD solutions forKartoffelrækkerne. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and S.M. Lerer, in collaboration withJesClauson-Kaasand J.Ziersen, HOFOR.
  • Thomas Gottschau Rozario (2014):Heavy metal pollution profiles of a stormwater pond sediment. Supervisors: E. Eriksson and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • Nadia S.V. Lund and Jonas W. Pedersen (2013):Updating of linear reservoir models for urban runoff.Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and M. Borup, in collaboration with M. Grum, Krüger.
  • Ditte Marie Reinholdt Jensen and Julie Evald Bjerg (2013):Sewer surcharge at Nøkkerosevej, Copenhagen. Supervisor: P.S. Mikkelsen, in collaboration with Nis Fink, Copenhagen Energy.
  • Maria Sigrid Birkebæk Thomsen (2012):Analysis of global control options in the Marselisborg sewer system. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and L. Vezzaro, in collaboration with Krüger A/S.
  • Marie Rødsten Sagen (2010):Assessment of infiltration trench technologies – field investigations and modeling. Supervisors: P.J. Binning and P.S. Mikkelsen, in collaboration with Danish Technol. Institute.
  • Andreas Mørch-Madsen and Gudny Kristin Tryggvadsdóttir (2010):Stormwater pollution at a retention pond. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, E. Eriksson and L. Vezzaro, in collaboration with Th. Aabling from Orbicon and Albertslund municipality.
  • Agnethe Nedergaard Larsen and Ida Bülow Gregersen (2007):Development in extreme precipitation over Europe due to climate change.Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, J.J. Linde and A.T. Jørgensen, in collaboration with the Danish Meteorological Institute and DHI Water Environment Health.

I supervised the final projects of the following BEng candidates (in Danish: diplomingeniører):

  • Niels Christian Jacobsen (2018): Evaluation of added values of cloudburst protection in Strandøre (in Danish). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and H.M. Madsen, in collaboration with L.J Hansen, SWECO.
  • Ronja Frigg Brask (2018): Integration of Water Sensitive Urban Design into SCALGO for use in early climate adaptation design phases (BEng Architectural Engineering). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and S. Lerer, in collaboration with L.B Jensen, DTU BYG and Kathrine Bebe, Frederiksberg Utility. Won AI Architects & Engineers SUSTAIN-price 2018 for best B Eng projekt.
  • M.F. Jacobsen (2016): Methods for evaluating the effect of WSUD in new development projects (in Danish). Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and S.M. Lerer, in collaboration with A. Hoang, Dines Jørgensen.
  • Louise L. Hansen and Louise G. Andersen (2015): Sustainable Urban Planning of Dyrehavegårds Lands and the Trench - Wind, Surface Water, and Sun Analyses (BEng Arch. Engin.). Supervisors: T. Surzycka, H. Koss and L.B. Jensen, DTU Byg – and P.S. Mikkelsen, DTU Miljø.
  • Kasper Sandal (2013): Drainage systems of the future in Hillerød East. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen, in collaboration with Lars Juul Hansen, Hillerød Utilities.
  • Thomas Korbel (2009): Simulation of wastewater treatment plants in an e-Learning context. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and A.M. Eilersen, in coll. with H. Albers from Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
  • L. Dyrbak and S. Holtze (1996): The combined effect of real time control and stormwater infiltration – assessment of the Birkerød catchment. Supervisors: J.J. Linde and P.S. Mikkelsen.
  • J.O. Jensen and M. Kajhøj (1995): Alternative handling of wastewater in urban allotments.Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and J.J. Linde.
  • J. Post and A.D. Jepsen (1995): The combined effect of real time control and stormwater infiltration – theoretical investigations. Supervisors: P.S. Mikkelsen and J.J. Linde.

PhD Cources

My teaching at PhD level is focused at the following courses:

April 19-23, 2021 - 12911 "Introduction to good science in environmental Engineering". Introduces PhD-students at DTU Environment to the research field of environmental engineering and provides an understanding of the concepts and tools of research and innovation in this field.

June 11-17, 2018 - “Advanced topics within urban water modeling”. We ran this summer school, for the first time for PhD students within the field of urban drainage systems modelling. The course provided participants with a broad overview of advanced techniques within urban drainage modeling. It furthermore enabled participants to place themselves and their research interests in the larger context of the field. We touched upon both planning/design and real-time management of urban drainage systems, the challenges that are faced when modelling these – and the possible solutions.

September 6-9, 2017 - 12918 "Integrated urban drainage-wastewater system modelling". Introduces a state-of-the-art tool for integrated modelling of urban drainage, wastewater treatment and receiving water systems.In 2017 the course run in Prague in the days prior to the 14th International Conference on Urban Drainage, in collaboration with CTU at the Czech Technical University in Prague and modelEau at Université Laval in Canada. We have not yet decided when to run the course again.